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Some Advantages of Using Titanium Connecting Rods

  • Higher critical g Load = higher RPM for longer durations.
  • Less stress on cylinder walls, crankshaft and bearings due to less rotating weight from crank pin to wrist pin.
  • Reduction of connecting rod weight allows faster acceleration rates.
  • Titanium has a lower thermal expansion rate than steel, and much less than aluminum, which allows the engine builder to hold closer tolerances in the engine.
  • Titanium retains its strength at higher temperatures.
  • Balancing time is usually reduced due to lighter bob-weights and less heavy metal installations.

S.P.M. Rods Feature

  • Certified aircraft titanium 6AL4V billet bar stock
  • CAD/CAM designed
  • CNC Machined
  • ARP 2000-220,000 psi rod bolts; Custom Age 625 + 260,000psi bolt upgrade available
  • Diamond Ampco 45 wrist-pin bushings-fitted, burnished and honed
  • Rod caps are bushed for a repeated true bore diameter after torquing
  • Polished finish
  • S.P.M. Rods are custom engineered for each application